Welcome to my site! I'm Akeia, a health communications professional with a passion for health literacy, cultural competency and patient-provider communication. I gained an interest in this area after experiencing multiple communication problems with several healthcare professionals throughout my life, including a missed diagnosis, unexplained medical conditions and ignored complaints.  I am a firm believer in finding your definition of health no matter where you are in life and want to give people the tools to be able to manage the health care system effectively.

I started Be Health Literate as a way to promote the idea that we should all be partners in our own healthcare and be prepared and confident in our exchanges with healthcare professionals. I also want to engage with healthcare professionals and organizations to encourage them to deliver quality health information that is easily understood by patients. My belief is that if doctors and patients are prepared with good information and confidence in their interactions, then patients will be one step closer to living healthier lives.


I've worked with several organizations, including a speaking engagement to pre-med students at Duquesne University and creating materials for UNICEF and the Association of Maternal & Child Health Programs