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World Aids Day 2016

I know my you know yours?

Today is recognized as World AIDS Day and this year's theme is: "Leadership. Commitment. Impact."

African-Americans still have the highest burden of HIV/AIDS in this country, accounting for nearly half (45%) of all HIV diagnoses. Black men who have sex with other men account for the highest number of HIV diagnoses. Black women who have sex with men account for the highest number of HIV diagnoses among all women. The majority of diagnoses are made in people aged 20-29.

While progress has been made overall, we still have work to do in our community. Getting tested is easy and convenient and yet 1 in 8 people with HIV are still unaware of their status. Aside from county health departments and free clinics that offer free testing, you now also have the option to test in the privacy of your home. The FDA has approved 2 different in home tests that are available at your local pharmacy. One is an oral swab test that gives results in 20 minutes and the other is a test that requires you to send a blood sample for analysis. While these tests can be costly at $40-$60 dollars, they do offer you the benefit of testing in the comfort of your home.

If you're a Being Mary Jane fan, you may remember the season 3 episode when she decided to get freaky with the cute guy from the club. He came over and she introduced him to a well laid spread of in-home STD tests. She somehow turned HIV tests into proper foreplay and made it look sexy and fun.


Whether you test in home or go to the clinic, the bottom line is this: Make the commitment to be informed. Get tested. Know your status.

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To find a HIV testing center go to:

For more information on HIV/AIDS visit:

"Improving our health literacy so that we all may live healthier, more abundant lives."

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